The Journey Begins

Let us break the ice... Welcome to a world of "beyond writing," where I hope to bring forth the most electrifying insight that writing has to offer! I will be exploring many tips, techniques, and styles of writing through many types of art and artists including my own. Not only will I be exploring the … Continue reading The Journey Begins


Poetic Influence: The Five Senses & Psychology.

    Poetry is not just words; poetry is song, it is believing, and it is life. Poetry can influence many individuals in multiple ways, for example, an actual poem can influence a writer’s idea and expand on their own forms of writing and for non-writers, a poem may help to explore the inner and outer feelings … Continue reading Poetic Influence: The Five Senses & Psychology.

Part Two: Books & their Movies, and the Influence they have

  I have just recently finished two books by two very diverse authors, and I enjoyed the difference in their writing techniques such as voice, plot, setting, and much more. The first of the two books I have finished reading was “Escaping from Houdini” by Kerri Maniscalco and the second, “Mad” by Chloe’ Esposito. Although these books … Continue reading Part Two: Books & their Movies, and the Influence they have

Let’s Laugh A Little

“I don’t have gray hair, I have wisdom highlights.” (Quotes Gram)  As Thanksgiving is ending and Christmas is approaching, I thought it would be suitable and almost necessary to have a few laughs due to the holiday stress and other such issues that many endure during this time of the year.   Check out my “Traditions: Family, Food, and Football” blog … Continue reading Let’s Laugh A Little

Part One: Books & their Movies, and the Influence they have.

When I was in elementary school, I hated to read! I believe I hated to read because I was unable to choose my own books and had yet to accept other works of writing with optimism. I hated to read so badly that I was placed in a reading group, which at first, made me feel like … Continue reading Part One: Books & their Movies, and the Influence they have.

Music, Writing, & Mental Health Wellness

Music and Mental Wellness:  “Mental wellness, physical wellness, and spiritual wellness are co-equal.” (Nichols, 2007-2018) Music can help one’s mental, physical, and spiritual wellness by reducing stress, building confidence, creating positivity in general but also in different environments such as school, work, and home, and music may even help with creativity, sleep, and the development of self-worth, self-confidence, and … Continue reading Music, Writing, & Mental Health Wellness

Let’s talk Poetry

From the October blog post, “writing with a theme,” I wanted to reflect on the five sense while writing with poetry. There are many types of poetry, but I personally like to focus on free verse poetry, however, to make it unique and creative, I utilize rhyme and other techniques. There are many styles and formats of … Continue reading Let’s talk Poetry

TRADITIONS: Food, Family, & Football

Since the holidays are approaching, I thought it would be entertaining to discuss food, family, and football for the month of November. The holidays are always a special time of year for me, you know, with all the stress, family feuding, and being broke before and after Christmas shopping! Can anyone relate? 😉 I personally … Continue reading TRADITIONS: Food, Family, & Football

Tips for Submitting works of Writing

I have read a lot of tweets recently that have asked where to start, regarding publishing and finding an agent, and I had not realized there were so many writers struggling to find a straight answer. As I have been seeking an agent for some time, along with entering writing contests, I have learned the … Continue reading Tips for Submitting works of Writing

Agents, Agencies, & Open Submissions

Here are some links for writers searching for open submissions, agents, and literary agencies. http://www.aaronline.org/  http://mswishlist.com/ http://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/ One Story Inc. is accepting submissions until November 14, 2018. This particular submission is for a paying contest. Check it out! https://www.one-story.com/index.php?page=submit&pubcode=os November 2018 PS Literary and The Knight Agency are accepting and looking for submissions of fiction … Continue reading Agents, Agencies, & Open Submissions