The Journey Begins

Let us break the ice... Welcome to a world of "beyond writing," where I hope to bring forth the most electrifying insight that writing has to offer! I will be exploring many tips, techniques, and styles of writing through many types of art and artists including my own. Not only will I be exploring the … Continue reading The Journey Begins

Book List 2019: Finale

I am excited to expand my book list in the New Year (2020) and I am even more excited that many books I plan on reading have movies and/or TV shows that are coming out as well. With the books I read, having a TV show and/or movie release in the future, leaves me with … Continue reading Book List 2019: Finale

Positive Psychology: The better YOU

  Positive Psychology:  “Positive psychology is a science of positive aspects of human life, such as happiness, well-being and flourishing.” (Positive Psychology.org.uk)   You ever wonder why everything is irritating – people in general, life in general, among other things? Because we look at it in a negative way. Our jobs, the way we look, the people in and out … Continue reading Positive Psychology: The better YOU

CreAtive CrAfting: Fun Activities For Kids & Parents

  October is full of many opportunities, from watching scary movies and reading spooky books, to baking, crafting, and going trick-or-treating. Even if some people don’t celebrate Halloween, there are still fun, fall activities to do with kids and family.   Craft Ideas  October is the perfect time of the year to gather items that nature … Continue reading CreAtive CrAfting: Fun Activities For Kids & Parents

Creepy Films Based On Books

There are multiple genres of books and movies that kept rolling through my head for the season of October and because I love Halloween, the month of October, and creepy stories and movies, I thought I would share a list of some great, creepy books and their movies. A lot of the movies listed below … Continue reading Creepy Films Based On Books

Part Three: Books & their Movies, and the Influence they have

  Although parts one and two of this blog contain more selections of books and their movies, I am grateful just the same to have read two books this year that include a movie based off the book. I hope to include as much helpful information and personal preference to both books and their movies … Continue reading Part Three: Books & their Movies, and the Influence they have

Stress: Beat IT!

Stress is EVERYTHING   Stress is EVERYTHING – It is hate, sadness, depression, confusion, vulnerability, and so much more – Stress is something that many humans find difficult to control, and sometimes, without release of such overwhelming feelings and emotions can cause not only everyone around and individual, as well as within an individual, much more … Continue reading Stress: Beat IT!

Mental Health Awareness Month: Mad, ILL, or Crazy?

  Mad: Unable to think clear in a reasonable way OR To an extreme degree. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mad) ILL:  Not in good health. Not meeting an expected standard. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ill) Crazy: Full of cracks or flaws. Not mentally sound. (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/crazy) All the above definitions are relatable to mental health, and they are all one in the same. Not only are they … Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Mad, ILL, or Crazy?